Before introducing you to our range of Champagnes, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that if you were to come and visit us, and that you already knew our champagnes, you would automatically be included in our Circle of oenophiles Simart-Moreau. This would prove your affection for our Champagnes and their wide palette of aromas, bewitching tastes so surprising and so enjoyable.

We have noticed over the years what our customers are seeking for: in a word, authenticity. The wine of Champagne is alive and must deliver the aromatic and gustative expression of its grape-varieties, of its vintage and of the essence of its Terroir. At the present time, we are going through exceptional harvesting years and the quality has never been so great; furthermore our Grands Crus designations (15% of the total viticultural area of Champagne) are guarantees for the highest quality.


des desserts

Extra Brut

des crayères

Grande Réserve




Champagne is best drunk chilled but never iced. The right temperature for tasting our Champagne should be between 9 and 11ºC.

In a hot sunny Summer day, you should anticipate the rapid rise of temperature by chilling the Champagne at a temperature of 7°C.


  • A temperature controlled wine cabinet is ideal. Half an hour or an hour before tasting your Champagne, plunge your bottle into a mixture of water and ice – use an ice-bucket.
  • In a Champagne bucket: a bottle from your cellar plunged into a mixture of water and ice should reach the right temperature in half an hour.
  • In the refrigerator: lie the bottle down on the bottom shelf for three or four hours before serving provided that the temperature remains constant; this way you will have a ready chilled bottle to hand.
  • The best method, which you can scarcely use, is to put your bottle of Champagne outdoors when temperatures are between 6 and 10°C; in this case they are no time limit but watch out for thieves!
  • The refreshing ice sock placed in the freezer will could help you quickly wrapping in cold the bottle . Your patience will be award after about five minutes.

Now that you have your Champagne bottle at the right temperature, take a good grip of it, without rushing.

The Champagne should be open with great care – First loosen the wire cage and tilt the bottle, then take hold of the cork with one hand and gently turn the bottle with the other. The cork will pop out when it is ready, you just have to be patient.

Great care should also be taken with the glass, Champagne should be drunk from a Tulip shape type of glass which allows for the aromas to be well concentrated and the bubbles to have plenty of space.

To enjoy a Brut Champagne at its best, taste it on its own or with plain. Depending on your taste, you will then be able to match it with the dishes you like.